Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i can't believe there are two of us!

After reading Shannons blog, I felt I had to check out my secret superhero status. I was surprised to find out that Shannon and I moonlight as the same superhero... However, I love that they figured out I was a fabulous princess with just 20 questions or so... Very perceptive.

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Monday, March 19, 2007

Brrr, it's cold in here..

It is cold in Toronto.

It feels especially cold after the delights of New Zealand. I'm not sure my body is made for such drastic temperature changes. It was quite a shock to the system!

Monday, March 05, 2007

My Big Fat Celebrity Sighting

Finally! After years of hoping, waiting, yearning for my own celebrity sighting, listening to others' stories of seeing Prince (Adele), Victor Meldrew (Adele & Dave), Margaret Thatcher (my grandfather), Ronan Keating (my sister), I knew that my chance had come.

LAX airport on Oscar Sunday!

Surely there would be celebrities agogo, obligatory prada hand bag, skinny leg jeans, large sun glasses in tow. Here would be my chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.


It was a celebrity desert.

I looked high, I looked low, I peered suspiciously at people in the security lines (Adele's trick) but no, there were no celebrity sightings in LAX for me.

However. All was not lost.

For 13 hours earlier, in Auckland airport, my celebrity train pulled into the station. (drumroll)

Brace yourselves.

I'm not sure you're ready for this.

Further bracing possibly needed.

Yes, I not only saw one celebrity but a brace of them! (Triumphant pause)

Or is it a pack of them? Or a gaggle? Or a herd?

Well, whatever.

Celebrities agogo were mine! Louis Vuitton bag clutching. Gucci boutique bags toting. Long hair waving. Large oiled muscles rippling. Black leather straining. Tattoos abounding....

Erm, yes. You see, I had bumped into the WWE Smackdown New Zealand Tour.

I think if I had any knowledge, any knowledge at all about wrestling, I might have been excited. However, I have none, so was therefore unable to be truly excited. But, these are famous people. Maybe not to me, but to the little boy in the store who took ten photos of Rob Van Dam, and who will discover when he develops them that I am in the background of every single one of them, clutching onto a scarf stand so that I was not knocked over, I think he thinks he's famous.

So, there it is. My celebrity sighting. I give you the WWE.

I saw these people. Really I did.

So tell me, who else is a celebrity spotter?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah!

Your Driving Is is: 88% Male, 12% Female

According to studies, you drive like a typical male.
You're reckless, aggressive, and see driving as a game.
And while you like to live on the edge a little, you still know how to drive safely.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dromedaries have one hump, Bactrians have two

The strangest thing happened the other night.
I was driving through downtown Toronto at night. It was cold, wet, windy and ugly. I was late and traffic was slow and determined to thwart me.

And then, from out of nowhere, they appeared.

The three wisemen and their camels.

No, seriously. I'm not kidding.

Walking down the street, (on the sidewalk incidentally), there were three men in purple and green silk robes, leading three big hairy camels. There were no vehicles in sight. No big vans with "Zoo" written upon them. No travelling circuses. Just three hairy camels in December in Toronto.

I love Toronto.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Party Season

I know! I know!

Guilty as charged.

There has been a great lack of blogging in my life. I have not lost the will to blog, as Dave R suggested. Nor died as others might suppose. Just been a little bit preoccupied.

Party season is almost upon us. I like parties. A lot. I like party food. I like dressing up. I like party drinks. I like party people. I like Christmas parties. Afternoon parties. Dinner parties. Candlelit parties. Outdoor parties. Parties with friends.

Roll on party season.

Anyone else like parties out there?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who do you recommend?

There has been a distinct lack of blogworthy material in my life this week.

On the hair front, I have had 4 people ask me for my Hair stylists number since I last went to Ernesto's. Can I just say that this is a triumph! A TRIUMPH.

If Hair Stylists, Doctors, Dentists, Mechanics, Car Insurance brokers and my Parents gave commission for the number of clients/people that I sent on to them, they would be paying ME to visit them. I include my parents because they are fabulous and really, if you haven't met them, you need to.

They go to the furthest corners of the globe, further than Siberia, further than the jungles of the Phillipines. They trot all over the world Mothering and Fathering everyone they meet and having a lot of fun doing it. They stand on the far borders of Russia, looking longly over the river towards China and hope that they can travel there. They've slept on broken beds and in single beds, in little mud huts in Rwanda whilst large wild cats broke into their living area and ate the remains of dinner.

They have brought home the strangest collection of gifts that I have ever seen, faithfully packing each, usually heavy and awkward item into their suitcases and lugging them home. I was particularly delighted to see the arrival of the large ceramic Boar. It was about 2 and a half feet long, over a foot high and a delightful shade of mustard brown. It had some sort of teapot lid on the top of it, we never quite figured it out.

They are adventurous and feisty, generous and humble. And they cook fabulous, fabulous food. Roll on Christmas!

(If you could imagine a picture of them at this point that would be helpful. I would have included a picture of their fabulous selves but unfortunately I experienced some technical difficulties).

Although I like to share the things I love, I do not share my car. Or my macbaby.

However, I would like to point out that I have never recommended my Oral Surgeon to anyone. Nor to my waxing lady, who is my waxing lady no more for several reasons. One being due to a certain harshness of style and two, because a conversation on the differences between the traditional Roman Catholic church and TACF whilst having one's legs waxed, is not my idea of a relaxing time and three, I have discovered Veet. Which is extremely effective, easy to use, much cheaper and doesn't involve harsh ministrations by Polish ladies.

My oral surgeon is fodder for a whole other blog entry. Which if you are planning on having your wisdom teeth out in the next five years, I don't recommend that you read.